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Asked my father to play, he has a lot of experience playing racing games where you only use the keyboard. But no experience with FPS. So he said ok.

1. The adition of using the mouse was weird to him, but I guided him to turn around and told him the game was asking him to use the E. He noticed the glow on the chain locks and used E on them. Looking at the wall instead of down the hallway.

2. Then he had to move forward, so he moved into the wall and noticed no change. Turning around was the hardest for him since using the mouse was new. But I was there to suggest turning around.

3. He learned to open doors and and walk forward, so he adjusted his hand to have both keys ready.

4. When he got to a pit, he was hesitant to go down without being able to look down, but I encouraged him.

5. The door with 3 buttons scattered around the room was the hardest task, since it required him to look around. He was constantly scanning empty walls without turning to the correct wall where the button was, he even thought the lights in the door where buttons and was annoyed by it. Also whenever I talked to him about a button he would look at the keyboard instead of looking inside the game hahahah.

6. He learned to use the shift key to run, and grabbed the gun. He doesn't have perfect aim but was quick to shoot the targets. Waiting for the bridge to come down, he shot a few flowers.

7. I don't know if it was the steps in his path or the spacebar being added to the list, but he started jumping when they appeared.

8. Now for the platform jumps, the difficulty was looking down. He knew he had to sprint and jump, but never looked down to see more clearly where he was jumping, too early. So I intructed him, took a few tries, but he made the last jump to the bridge on the first try, sprinting and all. Finished the tutorial in a really short time, I'd say 4 to 5 minutes.

Next came Portal 1!

I handed him the controls and he was impacient with glaDOS talking, he wanted to do stuff and didn't read the subtitles. He was confused when the portal spawned. But walked through it, and got lost. Well, I told him to go look for the exit, took some of his patience to find it.

1. First chamber, he looked at the button, pressed it, understood it opened the door, found the button, picked it up with E and placed it on the button. Fantastic. Altough it was either glaDOS taking too long to finish or that he didn't fully enter the elevator, but it took some time to get the elevator to close its doors.

2. Then the level where the blue portal periodically changes. He wasn't really reading the pattern, to I had to tell him when was the right time to enter the portal. Took a while and he got stuck in the glass a couple.

3. Next he got the blue portal gun, he looked at the part of the wall where the metal bits usually indicated a portal would spawn in and shot his first portal with no instructions.

4. Then the level of the long L hallway with the orange portal in between. He fell on the first pit, he tried to shoot a portal in the metal fence, so I suggested to try concrete surfaces. Once he got out, he was lost. I told him which of the doors was the exit. Now, the biggest challenge. How to tell your dad he has the power to shoot a blue portal to wherever he wants to go and use the orange to get there, without actually telling him. He started to experiment with the blue portal, only in walls. Maybe here? maybe here? He was only entering the blue portal and didn't know how to move the orange one. It took a lot of heavy hinting, and entering the orange portal for the first time confused him, since exiting the blue portal would get him lost. But we got out.

5. Then the level with two buttons, two cubes. He localized the two cubes, he looked down in the pit where the second cube was. I told him he could shoot a portal below the cube, so he started to shoot the cube that was up in a platform. Yeah, then he shot the next cube and saw it was where the orange portal was. So he jumped down in the pit where the blue portal was, and was launched through the orange one falling off the platform. After being confused, in his second try he was launched into the cube in the platform and they both fell to the ground, placed the cube in the button and now it was L corridor all over again. He completely forgot how the orange portal worked. Oh well, after a lot of heavy hinting, we made it out. Then passed through the glass bit, without looking up to know the orange portal had moved. Got to the elevator.

That's it for the gaming session today, he went to take a coffee and watch Netflix. I wonder if he'll find the time to continue playing, but I'll come back here to archive whenever it happens. I um, feel a bit guilty though, I may have showed too much fun watching him play. I'm afraid he might've taken it as if I was mocking him. I'll sort things out. 

Thanks for creating this tutorial and encouraging us to write about the results. I hope many parents find this new way to connect with their children. Might not be as healthy as playing sports or board games with your parents but it's just as bonding.

Asked my mother to play. She was exited to see her son asking to play a videogame with her. I labeled the keys and took the steps.
Once she sat down and discovered that the game required her to use the keyboard intead of purely the mouse, her expression changed completely and inmediately started to complain that she hated it.
I told her to only use the keys that appeared on screen and that I labeled them.
1. In the chain, I had to remark to her what was on screen, the game was telling her to look right and left and use the E key. Once she noticed the chain holder thing to her right starting to glow, she used E, then she continued to look to her right instead of looking left and used E on the last chain lock.

2. When she was prompted to move with W, her frustration grew, she was only using one finger for all the keys and was moving forwards with little taps, until she understood she had to hold it down.

3. When reaching the first door, it started to glow and she was clueless what to do, I told her to use E button, instead, she used the Escape button and the game closed.

Ok, quicly before she looses patience, another try.

1. She unlocks the chain only by turning to the right 360 degrees.

2.She advances to the door with little taps until holding the W button.

3. She opens the door, then the next, then the next and so on, I have to remind her to explore, look around and actually go through the doors. All the while she's asking me to make it so that she can move using the mouse click, I didn't know she would hate the keyboard so much.

4. When she reaches the part where all the movement keys are unlocked. I find it a good opportunity to tell her she has to learn how to place more than one finger in the keyboard. But she struggles, she really doesn't want to keep playing and leaves.

Something tells me she won't try it again. Well... Now it's my dad's turn.

How about a MAC version.


I've made my father play the game.
Prior experiences: Played the first 2 chambers of portal and about 15 minutes of minecraft years ago and looking at the floor and being stuck on doors. 

He played exactly like you described on the video. He even hold shift in the long part to run, so it was satisfying to see him playing. 

I noticed only two bugs with the game
1 - In the door that changes the mouse movement from horizontal to vertical the collision box with the door is somewhat buggy. I had to help him and it was even tricky for me to pass that door. I think it was something only that happened in my situation. So I don't mind that much. 
2 - The last part when you have to jump in the last bridge, my dad didn't jump but he still reached the bridge. I think the bridge is too near. 

A few comments:In the same last part, my father used the left hand to sprint (Shift), and the right hand to move and interact (W and E) (He didn't jump as I mentioned), leaving the mouse without any hand.

I think it would be convenient to add some type of puzzle that requires the use use of both hands (one in the mouse and the other one in the keyboard).

I will try to make my mother to play. And email you afterwards. 

Thanks a lot for making this minigame! 

Javier "Ciberman" Mora. 

The game won't start. Yes, I've download the right version, (Not buff 64) and unzipped it, but when I click it, nothing happens. The blue loading circle appears next to my mouse for a second or two, then goes away, so, clearly SOMETHING is happening, but it's not loading. I don't know if it's a space issue or a game issue, I don't know. I've tried deleting some stuff (I have 12.4 GB free), but that did nothing.


If you will provide any ways to translate - I can help with translations to Russian, Ukrainian and even Polish. Just provide any way to do it.

This game should be translated, because people who will learn how to play usually not... so young. And they aren't fluent in any language except native.

I agree, the rest of my family doesn't know English that well, only Polish, though my mom also has learned German.

Probably the best way to do that is a text file that contains all the text in the game, that's kinda how TF2 does localisation. This way anyone can translate the game themselves, and considering how little text is in it that shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure it is in Unicode or something, so non-ASCII characters can be displayed.

I Agree For The Same Reason As Mik3I24 I Can Help Translate To Arabic, My Native Language

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What about Integration with the Razer Chroma SDK? So it could highlights all keys which are currently usable and turn off the others

I can't get the program to start. It keeps saying fatal error, even after I extracted the zip and ran the executable in the folder. What do I do?


This amazingly worked for both mom and dad. 

Also I can translate to Danish if that was something interesting. Even though basically all danes are fluid in English.


okay i started speedrunning the game and i was able to complete the game in less than a minute 50.6 seconds to be precise and i discovered a glitch so i could beat it in less than 50 seconds but its pretty hard to get it to work

but i can say im the world record holder on this game

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What is the glitch?


well there are  a couple if you walk up the stairs right after you break the chains you can make one of the walls disappear by slightly walking off the ledge until the wall disappears the hard part is not falling of the ledge getting this to work then the next glitch is a death warp if you jump off the edge you create you spawn right next to the gun because of an oversight of the dev thinking you would never be able to die until this point boy was he wrong

and also at the end you don't have to use the draw bridge you can just jump on all the railings and walk by the treadmills i was successful in getting rid of all the treadmills and also the problem with the death warp that early you lose the ability to look up and down but you can still hit all the targets by hitting perfect ricochets into them 


is there a way to translate this game to another language?

when i boot up the game it shows falling before it even starts on the menu that says start on it and I end up at the 2 target drawbridge part with only the ability to move left and right with the mouth and to press e.


the game is death warping you to the end wtf


I can translate to swedish if neccesary since all Parents can't english that well and I belive that's not only in Sweden :)

Hello,  I have a problem that the mouse looking around does not work and you can only look left and right by arrows. You can't look up or down because it just walks. Do you know how could I fix it?

It starts like that to introduce the player to looking around, watch his entire video explaining everything here:

no he means that he can only look using the arrow keys i think


A Mac Version would be much appreciated!


A couple things I might add are the use of crouching, scoping in and reloading.


is it possible to make a linux version of this

how do play it its downloaded but how can I open it

You extract the .zip file to a folder and then when it is finished there is a .exe file in that folder that you run.

Bruh this is laggy

stop having a poo poo pc

Try a Lesson-FPS_Not-Buff-Lower Quality instead. Worked for my bad laptop.

This is a really great project well done!
One thing I would love to see is the option to play through this with controller support/ tutorial. I don't see either of my parents becoming pc gamers but playing with a controller on the tv might be more approachable. Keep up the good work!


ok so this worked perfectly for my mum when she tried to play the game, exept for the last bit (the bit over the drawbridge). she mastered th simple ledge jumps up the big stairs but struggled with the jumps accross the void because according to her it wasn't "obvious when her feet were at the edge of the platform", so she kept over or underestimating when she was at the edge, leading her to either fall in or jump in. another problem once she finally managed was that she jumped accidentally onto the railings of the treadmill bridge skipping entirely the act of pressing (w), (space) and (shift) at the same time, and so she got stuck as she didnt start to fall back, which is supposed to allow you to open the door.

Other than that the game worked perectly to teach her how to move and look around in a 3d environment, and how to interact with objects.


If you need help with translations, i'd love to help you translate it to spanish!


And I'd like to do german!


I would love to help translating the game into Hungarian, if the opportunity comes up. Great project, will run by my family once I'm able to


I am Interested in making a translation to Hebrew, HMU.

Awesome idea, currently downloading :)
Are there plans to support multiple languages? I can translate but it'd be a lot more intuitive if the person playing the game could read the instructions directly from the screen. I feel like translating kind of breaks no "hints" rule as well.

The game opens steam vr and doesn't fit on my screen right. I'm not sure how to fix this

Ok, I uninstalled SteamVr and the issue still remains. What doesn't fit right is the HUD, you can see that the mouse is too much to the right to be fully seen and the interact prompt is too close to the centre compared to your video. I don't know how to fix this

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Ok, I still did the game with someone who can barely use computers let alone video games, and they actually made it to the end. I had to remind them a few times they can use the E key. When the game unlocks your ability to fully look around they went through got confused about how to open the door with the 3 buttons and went back to the older level before the treadmill and I told them "you're going the wrong way" the solving the puzzle getting the gun, missing the targets because they were too far away and went all the way back again. Maybe close the door, when they beat it? or make it clear when they head the wrong way?

Then they somehow jumped the gaps, looking at the floor and sky more then straight ahead, i dont even know how they did it.

II also repeated this to someone computer savvy but never played an fps and they were much better, they hit the expected slow points but made it through alot faster.

I'm looking forward to where this can go, there needs to be more stuff like this

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TL;DR: I'd like to help you developing this project. I have UE4 experience.

Loved your video on it and could relate so much to it. I teached my father how to play BF4 on PS4 and it took a few days until he could walk and move the camera at the same time. If you want, I'd love to help with this project of yours. I've worked (not professionally) with UE4 before for more than a year and am pretty familiar with it (I'm a programmer btw).


Did a play through myself to make sure I knew what my girlfriend would experience. There is a visual oddity with the cake at the end where it is behind the table. (will post a report after my girlfriend, mother, and hopefully father all try the lesson)

Thank you for the feedback!

My mom broke the game

I let my mom play the game and she got to the very end and started jumping and somehow broke the game without opening the door

I'm willing to translate the game to Spanish so my mom can learn how to play something that's not Sonic. 

At the last conveyorbelt my dad didnt actually jump. he just walked and landed on it. I suggest that you raise it a little bit so that this "cheat" is not possible.


I'd love to translate this to Icelandic. Also, could you by any chance make a program where you can select what games you want to learn. That way you people can have an easy time learning fir example: Minecraft, Call of Duty, Deltarune and more in one program!


maybe give us an option to translate the game? I would love to let my mom play this but there is a bit of a language barrier

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Kudos. Such an awesome! BUT:

  • I'd love to help with translating the game to the czech language
  • could you, please, also build the game for Linux?
  • the game strictly expects 16:9 aspect ratio (I was running the game at 1920x1200 and the mouse hints were offscreen)

I am a Taiwanese and have to say that this is a very interesting and awesome game. I am very happy to play with my son and daughter. Thank you for creating this game and teaching them how to play the game. I think this The game will become the entry game, the first part, and then I would like to ask the author whether such a beautiful and educational game will be on the Steam platform. I am looking forward to it. If he is on Steam, I will strongly support it.

Tested this on my mom and sister in law. Both gave up before the test was over. Sister in law stopped at the first gap jump and mom stopped at the A strafe.


I've been inspired by this to try to create an rpg one! Do you have any tips on what I should/should not do? I have a few ideas in mind already...

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Don't overwhelm your players with too much info. I actually did a video like this on Deltarune so I have a bit of a guide already. My biggest concern is that new players will not have enough patience to learn the information neccesary to play RPGs. It may be better to have an RPG be a player's second or third game.  If you continue with this project I'd love to hear updates. If not then I don't blame you lol.

Thank you! I've decided to separate the rpg into two games: Movement/interaction, then Fighting. That way, they can play some rpgs with the first game, and can learn to play fighting RPGs in the second.

Anyway, I'll let you know for sure when I make any progress!


Like the idea but where's crouch jumping function? It's a requirement to most first person shooters etc

What do you mean by crouch jumping?

(1 edit)

Crouch Jumping is an action performed in FPS games in which the player crouches mid-jump in order to hurdle an obstacle or reach higher ground.

Crouch jumping is especially prominent in the Half-Life series and other games running on Valve's game engines, as there it actually makes the player jump higher and reach places they wouldn't be able to reach with regular jumping. The mechanics of the crouch jump in such games are that when crouching, the player character does not actually hunch down lower, but instead pulls their feet up towards their body, allowing for greater clearance. A similar example comes from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, in which the player could perform flip tricks while in mid air. Each trick, rather than pushing the board down, actually lifted the player higher above the board, allowing players to gain jump height through repeatedly tricking.

Crouch jumping initially was born as an elite skill for dedicated players, but came full circle in Mirror's Edge, the first-person free running game. Mirror's Edge allocated a specific button command for tucking the player's feet up against their body to allow for greater clearance while jumping.



You really won't find Crouch jumping necessary in any modern games. Its kind of an old source game thing anyway.

wrong. it's very important in multiplayer games.

(1 edit) (+1)

See my prior post for more information on extensions to the crouch-jump as well.

sprint-jump is for jumping long distances, crouch jump is for jumping over tall obstacles, combined together into a sprinting-crouch-jump, it lets you go really far in a jump.

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

Exactly, this is really needed a lot of experienced players can also screw up crouch jumps. make sure to cover the dash-jump (sprint-jump) and dash-crouch-jump (sprinting-crouch jump) as well.

EDIT: there is also another set of terms term for this: the duck-jump and sprinting-duck-jump.

Hey! I have one thing you might not have thought.

The final treadmill with the little walls on the sides... Instead of running my mother decided to just jump on the little wall and open the door like that.

Yeah, I saw that and left that in so players could feel clever about "breaking" the game. Sort of like  a micro-version of people "breaking" shrine puzzles in Breath of the Wild. Also how did the test go overall? Were there any other issues? And are you planning on trying Portal? Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, I saw that and left that in so players could feel clever about "breaking" the game. Sort of like  a micro-version of people "breaking" shrine puzzles in Breath of the Wild. Also how did the test go overall? Were there any other issues? And are you planning on trying Portal? Thanks for the feedback!

Possible OoB around big stair room. As the floor it misaligned outside the wall, you can walk along it and reach an area outside of the intended playing area. Similarly, you can walk along the edges of bridges. This makes the game completely unplayable, and so I implore you to fix it.

(1 edit)

There is an OoB, but how does that make the game unplayable???You have to be purposely looking for these exploits. I am most likely going to create a version 2 in unity.

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